We are in the era, in the situation to preserve Environment for our upcoming human generation. Not only duty but ethics. Pure nature ruined by us gradually with halmful things.

Since we are disposing millions of food plates per day, those Plastic, Polymer or other chemical based plates becomes earth's dangerous garbage. Not only halmful for earth; For living beings.



These are the Eco friendly plates. Other Paper plates or Bamboo plates comes out by killing millions of living trees. Thus Environment's neck crushed indirectly without knowing its seriousness.

But these Arecanut Palm Leaf Plates are made of palm leafs which are naturally fallen from the tree. These plates never kills the tree. Waste leaves become eligant looking plates, cups and trays.


Some other plates which are used to serve food made of natural raw materials but using some kind of chemical or artificial additives. Its kind become semi-natural plates not 100% Natural.

But these Arecanut Palm Leaf Plates made of palm leaves in natural ancient way by pressing the leaves with heated metal mould. No other artificial additives. Thus it is 100% natural plates

Product Information:

Name of Product : Arecanut Palm Leaf Plates and Cups

Made of : Arecanut Palm Tree Leaf ( Sheath)

Nature of product :Purely Natural; Chemical Free

Botany name : Areca Catechu Linn

Manufacturing Method : Getting the shape by machanical press with heated metal mould.


i) Natural ii) Woody texture contains Ivory/yellowish white/ Brownish white/Blackish brown/ grains / strips iii) Natural Aroma


i) Shapes: Round, Oval, Square, Rectangle, Hexagonal
ii) Thickness: 2-4 mm
iii) Depth : 25-35mm
iv) Size : 100 mm - 300mm

Other Features:

ECO Friendly
Easily Compostable
Bio Degradable

Utility: Used to serve foods / pack eatables

Area of usage:

All catering purposes such as in Hotels, Restaurants, Fast Food Centres, Functions, Parties, Picnics, Get togethers, Traveling, Outdoor Catering, Homes

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed.
- Mahatma Gandhi


Trees are the earth's endless effort to speak to the listening heaven.
- Rabindranath Tagore


” A healthy environment makes a healthy man”


" Green revolution a best solution to arrest pollution."


" When the soil disappears, the soul disapears"


"Live green
Love green
Be Green
We are just mankind…without the earth we're nothing."


Manufacturing Process :

  • The Arecanut Sheaths (Leaf) fallen from trees in the farms are collected.
  • At the factory soaked in water for about half an hour. While in water it is brushed and cleaned and purified.
  • After cleaning properly it is taken out and kept separately allowing it to dry.
  • The dried sheaths are inserted in heat pressing machine (Manual operated & Hydralic operated) where relevent shape metal mould fixed and pressed on the sheath to get different shapes & sizes.
  • And is again kept separately allowing to dry completely.
  • The Plates are trimmed and again cleaned.
  • Plates are screened under strict quality check.
  • Each 25 Nos. of plates bundled and strapped.
  • Each Bundles wrapped with recycleable quality poly cover.
  • Each 4 bundles stuffed in quality corrugated box.